January 4, 2018

How to blow up your online business in 2018!

If you were active in the online business space at all in 2017 then you are aware that it was the year of the entrepreneur! Everybody and their brother decided they were going to be an entrepreneur and started up their own side-hustle.

That’s great! but…..

It won’t last…

I’m not saying people won’t be successful, they were and are many extremely successful entrepreneurs that got started out in 2017. But they are a small percentage of the whole.

Also, many people have been at this way longer than just last year, but the emergence of the topic has encouraged people to talk so much more about what they have been doing online.

For example, I got started with online business back in 2012.

Boy, was it ever lonely!

There wasn’t really anyone I knew in my life that did or even knew much about what I was doing.

I was able to find many communities online to be able to talk to people about all the latest news.

Now that online business and having a side-hustle is so mainstream there are definitely two types of people emerging within the space.

Sellers and Servers


You know these people well… they are your friends on Facebook that now sell _______ (insert whatever your friends sell, bags, make-up, exercise programs, nutrition products…) the list goes on and on.

These people are so focused on selling that it can be extremely off putting.

Life Pro Tip: on Facebook you can unfollow someone so you don’t see their posts but you remain friends with them. That way you don’t have to hurt their feelings but you don’t have to see another post offering you a deal or a discount.

I think you have someone in mind by now, so lets talk about the other type of person…


These people are fewer are farther in between but I am willing to say definitively that they will ultimately be vastly more successful than the sellers

servers main goal is to serve people, they want to help…

They provide support and encouragement, they aren’t pushy, and don’t just talk about themselves.

The reason that servers will be vastly more successful (according to me… but let’s just say science) is because they listen more effectively and serve their audience.

They provide value to their audience without expecting anything in return.

So what does all this mean?

Well, if you have a side-hustle, or maybe for your main source of income, which kind of person are you?

If you want to effectively scale up your business this year, you need to be a server!

Give away knowledge for free without expecting anything in return..

Hold live Q&A sessions on your Facebook page…

Put together a 3-6 video mini-course on a topic that will help your audience…

Comment on and Like the awesome things people in your audience are doing…

Validate their feelings, encourage them, and cheer on their successes…

And again don’t expect anything in return!

That can seem like a lot, but when people start to see the amount of effort your are putting in to ensure they are successful at what they are trying to do, they will support you right back!

I know you can do it! It is my plan for this year, so I hope you will keep me accountable too!

I am looking forward to seeing your success this year and providing whatever support I can!

Let me know in the comments what some of your goals for this year are!

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